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Stories of people worth knowing

The “good enough” home cook: in praise of imperfection

As I write this, I am caring for a sick four-year-old. She is wearing an old paint-spattered t-shirt of her father’s as a nightgown, and it hangs off of her clammy, feverish body as she lies tangled in blankets on … Continue reading

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A repost, in memorium

Ali originally posted this piece, “Sugar” is a Verb, and so is “Hope,” in March of 2009. One week before Christmas this year, Sally Goodrich, mother to Ali’s friend Foster, passed away from ovarian cancer. Two days before Christmas, we … Continue reading

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In which I interview an activist and question everything

So, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about tweaking the cafeteria for healthier outcomes. I felt so good that morning, like, isn’t it great that we don’t have to fight? We just have to make some simple changes, and … Continue reading

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Don't take it from me: more on the hyperbolic coral reef

Must be the zeitgeist. Here’s a talk from Margaret Wertheim herself on the hyperbolic crochet coral reef, from the TED lecture series. She tackles the mathematics of hyperbolic forms better than I did, and even holds up little models to … Continue reading

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Kale, crochet and the hyperbolic coral reef project

Look! The universe created a story just for me! It involves many items I currently list in the category of Lovely and Worthy Things: sea life, yarn, our natural world, activism, science that I don’t-quite-understand, and skills developed through simple, … Continue reading

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