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Telling a child’s story of hunger, for Sesame Street

Here’s a guest post I wrote, Telling a Child’s Story of Hunger, from the Feeding America blog,  about the work she did this summer with Sesame Street on their Hope Against Hunger documentary special. And while we’re at it, here’s … Continue reading

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The “good enough” home cook: in praise of imperfection

As I write this, I am caring for a sick four-year-old. She is wearing an old paint-spattered t-shirt of her father’s as a nightgown, and it hangs off of her clammy, feverish body as she lies tangled in blankets on … Continue reading

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Huzzah, Eileen: a response to a response to our Boston Globe Mag piece

This post from Ali Hello, friends. As promised, here’s the response to the our piece in the Boston Globe Magazine. The author of the letter to the editor contested the idea that cookies — even whole grain ones — should … Continue reading

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This I believe: the cookie edition

This post by Ali. The Boston Globe Magazine received a letter in response to our Better Way to Snack piece. Our article had provided a recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and the response said something along the lines … Continue reading

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What to do with too much snow: maple snowcones

This post from Ali, who is typing from beneath about 6 feet of snow. Maybe it goes down like this: it is snowing. It has snowed, it continues to snow, it will never stop snowing. You have shoveled and scraped … Continue reading

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