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Yes, you can have kids and a CSA, too

While the CSA, or community supported agriculture, box may hold a few new veggies for everyone, the fact is most fruits and veggies do have a certain season where they make their annual appearance. We’ve just lost track of it amidst the grapes from Chile in April and the tomatoes from Mexico in February. The seasonal guide from our book can help you plan ahead enough to give you some comfort factor — knowing things may vary a week or two depending on how soon spring is sprung each year. Continue reading

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Powell Gardens Harvest Celebration

Thank you to all who came out to share some food and fun at Powell Gardens today! I enjoyed talking with all of you! Thanks for braving a cooler than normal day and supporting Powell Gardens. As promised, here are … Continue reading

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Crockpot vanilla applesauce, for those who have gone a little apple crazy

I’ve gone a little apple-crazy. It’s not my fault. I blame the bees. Or maybe the snow. There are two large apple trees in the backyard of my new-ish house (“new-ish?” you ask. “haven’t you been there over a year?” … Continue reading

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Harvest Festival Recipes

by Beth We had a great day cooking outdoors at the Harvest Festival. Nice, nice people and lots of little arms to help crank the apple peeler for Apple Cider Sauce. As promised, here’s the recipes! Loved meeting all of … Continue reading

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The “good enough” home cook: in praise of imperfection

As I write this, I am caring for a sick four-year-old. She is wearing an old paint-spattered t-shirt of her father’s as a nightgown, and it hangs off of her clammy, feverish body as she lies tangled in blankets on … Continue reading

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