Whole Living Radio Interview: How to Stop Fighting Over Food with Your Kids

by Beth

Last week, I had the great pleasure of being on Martha Stewart Living’s Whole Living Radio with host Terri Trespicio. As new as I am to radio, Terri made the experience fun and painless. There were a lot of great calls from savvy parents. Here’s the followup post by Terri that really gets to the heart of the book where we try to help parents get through the food issues without a struggle.

I can’t say I excel at this every day, but I try very hard to just not fight over food. Ali and I have also chosen to go the honest route — no stealth veggie hiding. It’s a bit tougher route, but better in the long run. I’ve always believed that food is something to be enjoyed and relished together — not a source of conflict. Still, we parents know, it’s just not always easy. We’ll keep trying together.

Many thanks to Martha Stewart and Whole Living for their support of the book!

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6 Responses to Whole Living Radio Interview: How to Stop Fighting Over Food with Your Kids

  1. Seafood Burgers Question ~ your recipe (pg. 222) for this is made with salmon. Do you think it would work with Cod?

  2. bethb says:

    I don’t see why any firm-fleshed fish would not work. The lemon and tarragon should still work well with the flavor of cod as well.

  3. Wonderful.. thank you! By the way I’m really enjoying the cookbook. I’m reading every page and learning alot :) I’ll link back when I make the burgers.

  4. bethb says:

    Awesome, please do let us know how they turn out! We love hearing from you.

  5. elisa says:

    i have three children and my middle, a 12 year old girl, makes me want to pull my bleeping hair out on a regular basis because she is beyond picky! i just found your blog and will have to stop by more often!

  6. BethB says:

    Elisa, sorry to hear you are having a rough time! Hang in there, and I hope you can find some good recipes and tips here. You care about what your kids eat, that’s the biggest help right there. Is there a particular food issue she has, or just general “picky?”

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