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Got a nice review by the adorable Holly Scudero in the Sacramento Book Review. Says Holly in Cleaner Plates and Happy Bellies:

If you think that cookbooks geared towards children are all about “kid friendly” (and mostly nutritionally devoid) foods like chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, you’re clearly not reading the same cookbooks as I am.  Authors and bloggers Beth Bader and Ali Benjamin both believe that having children should not automatically necessitate cooking one meal for the adults and a separate meal for the little ones.  And their book, The Cleaner Plate Club, proves that they know what they’re talking about.

This gem of a cookbook covers all the bases.  Getting to know your vegetables.  Quick breakfast and lunch ideas.  Healthy dinners featuring all kinds of meats, and a superb selection of meatless meals.  And packed in between are pictures, fun little anecdotes about the author’s own kids, pertinent quotations and facts, and even educational blurbs covering topics from eating organically to the author’s own version of the “anti-diet”…

…There are tons of other recipes I’d love to try in here; I received a big bunch of chard in my CSA box last week and I knows I’ll find some yummy ideas for them, not to mention that there’s a little section of fruity desserts just begging to be sampled.  Ginger-Vanilla Cherry-Berry Cobbler?  I’m thinking that’s an affirmative.

Holly, honey, come to the East Coast, and I’ll cook with you any time.

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3 Responses to Cleaner Plate hearts the Sacramento Book Review

  1. Pamelotta says:

    Great review! I can’t wait to read your book. Our food drama around here seems to be cyclical, all is quiet right now because my kids are getting plenty of junk at their grandma’s house and all the holiday events we’ve been to. But, come January, it’s going to be back to war. I refuse to cook something different for a child unless they have proven over time that they can’t tolerate a certain meat or veggie. And I’m trying not to make them eat really weird things that my husband won’t even eat. I guess I just need some fresh ideas and recipes. That’s where you come in ; )

  2. Great review of your book! I can’t wait to see it and try all your delicious recipes! You must be thrilled :)

    Like Pamelotta says above “all the junk at their Grandma’s house”.. um, don’t get me started on that one, eh?

  3. Nicole says:

    The best advice that I give other parents, actually came from my husband. When my second child started to get vocal about seeing items on her plate that didn’t look appealing to her, my husband (who does none of the cooking), declared: “You may not complain or criticize the food that mommy makes. You say, “thank you mommy.” You don’t have to eat it, but you will not say it looks gross or disgusting.”

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