Huzzah, Eileen: a response to a response to our Boston Globe Mag piece

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Hello, friends. As promised, here’s the response to the our piece in the Boston Globe Magazine. The author of the letter to the editor contested the idea that cookies — even whole grain ones — should be considered “snacks.”  As I said in my previous post (the one that is, in effect, a love poem to home-baked cookies) huzzah, genuinely, for anyone who gives a damn.

And a cursory Google search shows that the author of the article, Eileen Behan, truly does give a damn. She gives oodles of damns, in fact. She’s a registered dietitian with specialized training in the treatment of adolescent and adult weight management. She founded the non-profit For the Love of Food Project, an extremely cool idea that suggests that we can reverse some of the most startling trends in children’s health by hosting a chain of home-cooked dinners.  She’s a nutrition writer who has not only written books on the subject of feeding wee ones, she’s also written for lots of magazines and newspapers, steering families toward real food. She is fighting the good fight, and she’s doing it for my kids, for your kids, for all of our kids.

Seriously, y’all: huzzah for her.

And you know what’s funny? I am sure we’re on the same team. I am so certain, in fact, that she’d like The Cleaner Plate Club — yep, even with its dessert recipes — that I just sent her an email offering to send her a copy. Will she appreciate every word? I don’t know. Will she like the overall message, that kids deserve real food? That marketing junk to young children specifically to drive a wedge between parent and child is a major form of Suck? That good food can be a source of pleasure in the family, instead of a cause of fights? That kids can, indeed, enjoy something other than dehydrated cheese powder?

Yeah. The thing is, I’m pretty sure she would.

In the meantime, we offer to all those folks who give a damn (including you! Yes you!) these PDFs from the snack section of our book. Consider it your sneak peek into the 300+ pages of recipes and tips:

Intro to snacks chapter, plus recipe for dips and pita chips! (PDFs)

Ten handiest snacks to have around (PDF)

Eileen, to our minds, you are so totally a member of The Cleaner Plate Club. You are the Zac Efron to our Vanessa Hugens, the Ryan to our Sharpay. In other words — and I realize that if folks were within throwing distance of me right now, they’d stone me for this link, and not undeservedly – we’re all in this together. Huzzah!

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5 Responses to Huzzah, Eileen: a response to a response to our Boston Globe Mag piece

  1. Hot milk and honey is STILL one of my favorite late-night treats to help wind me down for bedtime.

    And since we don’t have a microwave, I’d like to stick up for the little handheld crank popcorn maker we have—SO super easy and just a little oil means that we never feel the need to add butter to our popcorn. Plus, 1/2 cup of kernels makes a TON of popcorn.

    (and you are just about the nicest person when faced with criticism—it’s refreshing to see—er, read).

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  3. Yes, we are on the same team. I wrote the Globe not to criticize the Chocolate Chip recipe but to point out the confusion the Globe added to what defines a snack. I love Chocolate Chip cookies and making them with whole grain flour makes me like them even more. The Cleaner Plate Club Cookbook correctly called them dessert in the cookbook and most parents instinctively limit when dessert is served. The problem arises when we label dessert as a snack. I wish the Globe had included some of the other delicious recipes from your book such as the Lima Bean Hummus, Fresh Salsa and White Bean Pesto Dip. Those are truly great snacks parents should be serving everyday.

    Thank you to the Cleaner Plate Club( and Ali) for such a nice response to my letter and including a link to the For the Love of Food project, clearly we are all on the same team trying to help our kids and families eat the best they can.

  4. Rhia says:

    I bought your book just last week and have been dipping into it since. Still need to sit down and have a more thorough read (and start cooking from it) but it sure is pretty! And the wee one liked the photos of veggies at the front very much!

  5. bethb says:

    Eileen, thank you for your comment. I am so glad you wrote the Globe and brought up this point so we could explain it better. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the book and plan on stopping by your site for a bit of reading to get to know you.

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