Getting Resolved

by Beth

So, how are the New Year Resolutions going? I’ll confess that I did not make any. Not because I couldn’t use some life improvements! Each year I usually vow to do situps and finally, finally get a flat stomach. For about the last 20 years.

It always seems like we set ourselves up for failure with these quests. Kind of like a busy working mom friend who resolved to “get up at 6 am every morning and workout.” It’s a cold, dark winter with warm covers. How long do you think that one lasted? A few days of sleeping in and the resolution is considered a failure and done.

Still the process of identifying things in our lives that will make us healthier and happier in the year ahead is a good thing. For me, these types of resolutions are a work in progress rather than an “on-off” switch. Each day, I try to make forward progress, knowing some days its going to be tougher than others.

This is especially true if you resolved to “Eat Healthier as a Family.” Because you just made a resolution for others, too. And they may not be all for it! Here’s some thoughts that may be useful for getting to that goal. If you have other ideas that work well for you, please share! I can always use some good advice!

  • Rather than completely change the menu all at once, introduce one or two new dishes per week alongside familiar favorites.
  • Find ways to make healthier versions of those familiar favorites. Got a favorite? Leave it in the comments section and we can share some ideas for lightening it up!
  • Keep ingredients on hand for those very quick, but healthy meals on nights when you’d normally end up in a fast food lane.
  • Start with better snacks, using these between meal occasions to add an extra serving of fruit or veggies and dip to your diets.
  • If you have a less than healthy week of eating, don’t just quit. There will be set backs. Look for long term, overall forward progress. It takes time for real change. What counts is that you are trying and keep at it.

Now, if I could just learn to like sit ups. But, I will keep trying.

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3 Responses to Getting Resolved

  1. Rhia says:

    I haven’t had this in a long time, as it is decadent (though easy) but I really like to chop bacon into lardons, fry it up with onions, dump in a can of diced tomatoes and serve it over egg noodles.

    I suppose it’s not six ounces of cheese and heavy cream (but speaking of which, pasta carbonara [not that I make that with cream] is something else that can’t really survive lightening.)

  2. BethB says:

    One easy way to lighten that one up would be to pour off most the bacon grease and exchange it for olive oil. You keep the crisp bacon flavor, but lose some of the excess saturated fat. Sounds good!

  3. BethBader says:

    To lighten, you could pour off the bacon fat excess, replacing with olive oil if fat is needed, before adding the tomatoes. Still, sounds good!

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