Five fab Etsy picks for your kitchen

Ah, the pleasure that is falling down the Etsy hole. Etsy truly is a never-ending treasure trove of delight. There are so many lovely things, so many unexpected things, and you won’t find any of ‘em at the mall or a big box store. All have great soul.

Here, for your clicking pleasure, are five picks that would look oh-so-lovely in your kitchen. Yes, yours.

1. Check out this vintage painting of a butcher, from the shop of Mr. Kitschy. $75. Tell me it wouldn’t be fantastic in your kitchen. Lurve it. What? No, I’m not kidding; it’s terrific.

Look closely. There's blood on his jacket and everything.

Look closely. There's blood on his jacket and everything.

2. Farmer’s Market print, from the incredibly talented YeeHaw Industries.


I've never been to Knoxville, but YeeHaw's poster sure makes me want to go.

3. For you Jane Austen fans (and who isn’t?): a tea towel inspired by Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth, from Brookish. At $11, it makes a mighty fine gift for the reading-is-sexy types in your life.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a cook in possession of a good mind must be in want of a tea towl.

It is a truth universally acknowledged,that a cook in possession of a good 19th century novel must be in want of a tea towel.

4. Elegant vintage Rosenthal Studio coffee pot, from Blue Flower Vintage. At $75, it’s not inexpensive, but it is pretty fab.

At $75, it's not inexpensive, but look how sweet it is.

Makes me feel like donning a floral patterned mod shift dress.

5. Okay, you want inexpensive? How about inexpensive and adorable? This hand-knit apple-green swiffer mop cover, from Sun Creations Emporium, will save you cash and reduce your kitchen waste. Fits over your swiffer mop; just wash after use.

Best of all? It's just $3.50, yo.

Best of all? It's just $3.50, yo.

That’s five for tonight. And, like, eight million more fabulous etsy finds to go.

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2 Responses to Five fab Etsy picks for your kitchen

  1. Adrienne says:

    I lived in Knoxville for years and got to visit the YeeHaw mothership. It is a thing of beauty. (And I have three of the farmer’s market prints framed and in my kitchen.)

  2. I love my Etsy emails with spotlight finds I recieve each day. Etsy is the best thing I’ve ever come across. I especially adore Laskaware and her knit kitchen scrubbers. I haven’t purchased a sink sponge sinse I found her great shop

    I adore all your picks and would love to see them in my kitchen.

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