I heart this in such a serious way: They Draw and Cook

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Okay, I love, love, love this. By which I mean lurvvvve. It is the combination of art and food, the place where lovingly-crafted recipes meet lovingly-rendered paintings and drawings. It is colorful, it is warm, it is oh-so-happy. It is a lovely loose sketch of herbs tossed with pasta, it is a vintage-chic drawing of Grandma Dixie’s favorite cocktail, it is anime instructions for a delicious Japanese rice bowl, it is a whimsical map of chicken sausage stew.

It is They Draw and Cook: recipe renderings by artists and illustrators, and it made me happy on yet another snowy day, one in which I am house-bound with my children, and yet another day in which I am behind, so very very wearily behind, on such a great number of tasks.

Think Etsy-meets-101-Cookbooks. Think graphic novel-meets-Joy of Cooking. Think Harry meets Sally, except that in this case, Sally’s more artistic than neurotic, and Harry is as good in the kitchen as he is doing the white man’s overbite.

Did I mention that I love it? It is really quite beautiful and fun, and it is absolutely worth your click.

Hawker-lambcops-blogI know. Blurry, right? So much lovelier if you click over to it. Just go.
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  1. Jack says:

    “Okay, I love, love, love this. By which I mean lurvvvve.”

    Roger that.

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