Words I wish I’d written: chronos, kairos and carpe diem

Image pulled from momastery blog. Which you should read. Go.

If you haven’t read this piece on Chronos and Kairos and the old lady at the store — and you may have, for it’s a facebook favorite these days — read it now. It captures the experience of parenting so beautifully. It is something to hold on to when you’re in the middle of trying to get dinner on the table and you just burned the rice and one child is sobbing because her balloon popped and another is sobbing because you haven’t done her cousin’s Flat Stanley project yet and the dog just pooped on the floor again and the phone is ringing and you have 14 urgent emails you haven’t returned and I’m sorry, but couldn’t you have taken your muddy boots off before walking across the entire house?

Wishing you all kairos. Lots of Kairos.

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