Basic Knife Skills: Video Tips for Home Cooks

By Beth

Page 192 of The Cleaner Plate Club shares a few tips that home cooks need to know in order to shorten the time it takes to prepare a meal. There’s some handy illustrations at right for the most common knife skills — skills you will use nearly every time you cook if you are working with fresh ingredients.

Here on the site we can do a little more to help demonstrate knife skills. These videos from basic knife handling to dice and chiffonade might be helpful. Note, they were shot on a home camera, with no script, and the lady with the knife is definitely not a professional model (me). Next time, if we have some budget, maybe I will get myself a hot stunt double! The good news is, I didn’t cut myself once on camera!

(For some crazy reason our blog engine won’t let us upload video, so this link goes to YouTube.)

Basic Knife Handling

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