Ali on momenough radio

Here’s an interview I did on momenough radio, which aired last week:


I love the women who do this radio program. Marti and Erin Erickson, the mother-daughter co0hosts, have such a great, natural back and forth.They are smart and grounded, filled with good questions. They don’t buy into mom-guilt, they want the best for children, and they reject all mom-hysteria. They are reasonable and thoughtful, and to my mind they represent the best of what Mom-themed programming can be.

Thanks, Marti and Erin. It was a real pleasure to speak with you. Keep doing what you do, because the world needs more of it.


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  1. Hi Ali,
    I happened to come across you blog through a recommendation. Though I am not a mom yet, I do certainly appreciate your insight on the topic. As you relayed your story on the talk show above, I realized that I seem to have the same characteristics (not being too interested in cooking – but wanting to eat healthy food and eventually feed the same to my kids). I really liked your description of the 5-7 hours as the ‘Arsenic Hours’. I did notice that as I was babysitting for my aunt’s 2 & 8 year old girls. The challenge really does exist to feed your child healthy food when all you have around you is cheap sugary and unhealthy junk. I will certainly incorporate your advice in my daily life now so that when the time comes, I am ready to feed my kids healthy food!

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