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So, it seems the book is out there in the world, out of our dishpan hands, at last. A partnership between Ali Benjamin and Beth Bader — two real, working moms with different experiences in the kitchen — The Cleaner Plate Club is a family guide to real food. It contains an exploration into why kids eat what they do, tips for feeding wee ones well, supermarket survival tips, nutrition facts, a wee bit of irreverence, and a whoppin’ 100+ original family-friendly recipes from seasonal ingredients.

Carrot souffle? It’s in there. Kale chips? Check. Spring greens saute? Roasted roots? The kickin’est chocolate zucchini bread? You betcha. How about insights into how naming a food affects your kids’ experience of it? Or the number one way to get your children to enjoy vegetables? Or easy lunchbox strategies? Or research into whether you are, in fact, destroying your children’s lives if you don’t sit down to a family dinner every single night? Yes, yes, yes, and yes (and “no.” You are probably not destroying their lives.)

Reviews are good, which is nice. But what’s even better than a good review is the feedback we’ve gotten from other parents. Already, we’ve heard from a great number of parents who tell us they find the book helpful, informative, and/or reassuring. That kind of feedback makes our day. That’s why we wrote the book, after all — because we’re all in this together.