A Few Words of Thanks

from Beth

I listened to the audio book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch while I was running. Which is fitting since he wrote the book while riding a bike and dying of pancreatic cancer. If you have not read it, it’s inspiring even if you are out of breath and all sweaty. Basically, Pausch tells us that the key to success in life is following your childhood dreams.

My childhood dream, when I was eight years old, was to someday write a book.

I thought when the book arrived, I would have a moment holding it where I think, “We did it!” And I would realize my dream come true. Nope. That moment came instead when a friend sent a photo of her toddler helping cook a recipe from our book.

The moment has been hearing your comments on our blogs. Your words of encouragement on our Facebook pages and the hugs in person. Even comments made on our blogs over the years that disagreed with us helped open our minds and shape the book.

The book would never have been written without all of you. Many of whom I have never met in person. Including Ali. Ali, who approached me by email to write with her. Email! We were both strangers, but moms on the same path with feeding our kids healthy. Ali, who weathered each and every decision and edit on the book with me — and we never argued once and somehow managed to put five years of our respective lives into one book and one voice. Ali who is a really amazing person I hope to meet in real life.

It’s hard to put into words what it means to realize a lifelong dream. Just know that the thank you note has all your names on it. My new dream? I hope the book somehow helps, even a tiny bit, all of us parents who are trying so hard to raise healthy, happy kids.


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