Veggie Love for Valentine’s Day: We Heart Kale

By Beth

Given the holiday today, we’ll profess our steadfast veggie love for kale. We met over a kale chip recipe, Ali and I. There are at least four kale recipes in our book, and I have several new recipes for kale that are being created all the time.

We love the stuff. And it loves us too. With over 45 flavenoids and phytonutrients, 1327 percent of your daily vitamin K in a serving, 354 percent of your daily vitamin A, and 88 percent of you daily vitamin C in a serving, kale is a rockstar for nutrition all packed into one under-appreciated leafy green that has only been familiar to us all previously as that leafy garnish around the salad bar bins.

So, today, as chocolate gets all the love, we heartily profess our abiding affection for kale!

Moroccan Stew with Kale

Sweet Potato, Kale and Farro Side

Kale Salad

Black-eyed Pea Soup with Kale

Beans and Greens and Grains Soup

Finally, here’s some great tips on how you can inspire your whole family’s affection for kale (and other greens!)

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2 Responses to Veggie Love for Valentine’s Day: We Heart Kale

  1. Shanon says:

    Ooh! I’m so excited to try these out as I also adore kale.. Still encouraging my husband to also fall in love with it. Maybe these will help! Thanks!!

  2. bethb says:

    You are most welcome. Let us know if any of the recipes work for him (and you)!

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